Russian An-30 military propeller plane violated Swedish airspace south of Blekinge

Russian Air Force An-30 © Swedish Armed Forces

On Friday night, a Russian Antonov An-30 military aircraft violated Swedish airspace south of Blekinge. Swedish fighter planes followed the incident and photographed the plane.

A Russian propeller plane of the type An-30 violated Swedish airspace on Friday night. The plane, used for map drawing, was located east of Bornholm and then flew towards Swedish territory. For a short period, the plane violated Swedish airspace and then left the area. Swedish incident preparedness followed the entire process and photographed the incident.

Source: Swedish Armed Forces, Expressen

The Antonov An-30 is a twin-engine propeller plane used, among other things, for map drawing. The model was developed in the Soviet Union and has been in use since 1967.

Sweden’s Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist reacts to Russia’s actions: “It is completely unacceptable to violate Swedish airspace. We will, of course, mark this diplomatically. The action is unprofessional and, given the overall security situation, extremely inappropriate. Swedish sovereignty must always be respected“.

On 2 March, a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, four Russian warplanes violated Swedish airspace east of Gotland island. It involved two bombers and two fighter jets. The Armed Forces then did not rule out that the violation was due to Sweden’s support for Ukraine in the war.


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