The Royal Canadian Air Force launches new weapon to fight pandemics


The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) implements 15 transparent pods, so-called EpiShuttles, to transport infectious patients by air.

The EpiShuttle is a single patient transport and isolation system, protecting both medical personnel and patients. It also allows for contagious patient treatment during transport, without the risk of infecting others.

– “(…) Our mandate is to provide quality health care in the air, at home and abroad. Caring for patients with an infectious disease adds a significant level of complexity; this new capability is an extra tool to help us bring patients back home or to the appropriate level of care safely,” says Major Marilou Beaucage, the senior Nursing Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) Flight at 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario.

Five EpiShuttles go to RCAF’s primary search and rescue squadrons. The remaining ten devices are stationed at 8 Wing Trenton, ready to launch an evacuation of infectious patients.

In addition to RCAF, The Royal Air Force in Scotland, The Royal Norwegian Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force as well as ground ambulance services, private air transport companies and hospitals deploy the EpiShuttle.

– “The EpiShuttle makes transport safe, reduces cost and increases operational efficiency of patient transport. From the pandemic, we have learnt a lot about emergency preparedness and the crucial role of safe patient transport. Disinfection of vehicles puts transport vessels out of play, and in case of exposure, a whole team can be grounded for days. With the EpiShuttle there is no need for disinfecting vehicles. In addition, medical personnel do not need to wear full personal protective equipment while transporting highly contagious patients inside the EpiShuttle,” says Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard.

Also, in case of a local outbreak, the local Winnipeg based airliner Keewatin Air can with their EpiShuttles offer fast and safe transport, even from remote locations.

– “We found the EpiShuttle to have unparalleled features. The EpiShuttle allows patient monitoring and full intensive care treatment during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation and insertion of central venous catheters. In addition, for Covid-19 patients, the adjustable backrest is extremely important to keep coughing at a minimum. However, it was the fact that the EpiShuttle is re-usable, making it the most cost-efficient product on the market, which made us decide on the EpiShuttle,” said Executive Director of Medical Operations at Keewatin Air, Janet Busse.

EpiGuard is a Norwegian company established in 2015 providing better solutions for the safe transportation of contagious patients. Their team of medical experts and engineers developed the EpiShuttle based on analysis and clinical first-hand experience from previous global epidemics. Their medical background ranges from intensive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine and anesthesiology, and transport medicine. EpiShuttle improves patient safety and care, the safety for health care providers, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Saving one – protecting everyone.

EpiGuard – Mar 22, 2021 07:45 CET


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