Ghana Air Force CASA 295 overruns the apron during routine engine run


On 22 January, a Ghana Air Force CASA 295 (GHF552) overran the apron at the Accra Air Force Base. The incident occurred during a routine engine run at 11:10 (local time). “There was no casualty to any crew member and nobody on the ground. And there were no passengers on board,” the air force wrote in a statement. 

A preliminary investigation team has been constituted and the manufacturers of the aircraft (Airbus Military, previously CASA) have been notified of the incident. Airbus will fly a team in to join the Ghanaian counterparts for a thorough assessment of the aircraft damage.

“It is worthy to note that the aircraft is recoverable,” the statement continued.

The statement said the CASA C295 manufactured in November 2015 and delivered in February 2016 was due for a mandatory check in November 2019.

The aircraft has been non-operational since October 2019. The Ghana Airforce will like to assure the public and especially its clientelle that the Ghana Air Force is still operational and its activities have not been affected by this incident. The morale of personnel is high and all are going about their normal activities,” the statement added.



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