French presidential A330 aircraft under maintenance at Sabena Technics in Nîmes-Garons


This Monday morning, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife arrived at Brussels Airport for a two-day State Visit in Belgium on board of a Falcon 7X of the French Air Force. The presidential Airbus A330 would probably have been too big for this occasion. Furthermore, it was not available!

This is confidential information for several weeks that Objectif Gard was able to reveal this Sunday.

On October 23rd, for the first time, the presidential Airbus A330 landed on the tarmac at the Nîmes-Garons airport for maintenance work at Sabena Technics.

French Air Force A330 on maintenance at Sabena Technics in Nîmes © DR ObjectifGard

Sabena Technics is a French company, a former subsidiary of bankrupt Sabena Belgian World Airlines, specialised in aeronautical maintenance. It supports both regional, medium- and long-haul fleets for both civilian and military operators.

At Nîmes-Garons airport, Sabena Technics has 20,000 m2 of installations with a staff of more than 400 people. It is also in Nîmes that are carried out in winter season the general revisions of the Canadair water bombers of the French Civil Security.


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