France: Goodbye Air Force, hello Air and Space Force


Air and Space Force: the hawk takes height

This Friday, September 11, 2020, the Air and Space Force unveiled its new logo during a ceremony chaired by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly and in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Air and Space Force (CEMAAE), General Philippe Lavigne, on Airbase 107 in Villacoublay.

September 11 is the date traditionally marking the commemoration of the death in action of Captain Georges Guynemer on 11 September 1917. It is on this occasion, during a historic ceremony at Villacoublay Airbase 107, that the new logo of the Air and Space Force has been unveiled. It was simultaneously presented in all airbases of the country. This symbolic date for the Aviators marks the attachment to the historical values ​​of its pioneers at the same time as the emergence of new issues and new challenges to be met.

After having carried out the traditional review of the troops, Florence Parly and General Philippe Lavigne proceeded to the presentation of honours, followed by the reading of the quote from Captain Georges Guynemer before the bell “to the dead” and finally the national anthem. General Philippe Lavigne then delivered the Air and Space Force Agenda No. 1. At that moment, the French military parachuting team appeared in the sky, deploying tricolour sails. The logo was then unveiled in front of the Minister of the Armed Forces and the CEMAAE as well as to all the troops.

The Air Force has always been a melting pot for our dreams as we watched the paratroopers fall from the sky,” said Florence Parly, during her address to the Airmen. “Today you are about to go beyond your dreams! Since July 24, 2020, you have become the Air and Space Force. This emblem is now yours, the hawk has risen, it has risen, and I know you will cope.”

A ceremony that will inevitably remain engraved in the memory of Warrant Officer Alexandre, a member of the French military parachuting team who jumped with the flag: “We had to prepare quickly for this ceremony by spotting and making markings. For us, every jump is important and we want to perform them perfectly even if the stakes were even higher today, he says. I am proud to have come here and to have been able, for the first time, to jump over the Villacoublay base with this flag to bring it to the feet of the authorities. This ceremony is also special for me since I am linked to space through my journey. I was in a speciality where I already worked with satellites and still today since I work in the Cyber ​​Defense Command (COMCYBER). Proof, if any, that Airmen have long been tied to space. From the first French astronaut from the Ecole de l’Air, Jean-Loup Chrétien, to today.”


Discover the new logo of the French Air and Space Force:

The Order of the Day, read by General Philippe Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the Air and Space Force:


The new logo of the French Air and Space Force:


To mark the evolution of its mission, the visual identity of the Air Force is also evolving. Wishing to respond to the aviators’ desire to maintain the identity traits that characterise them, this new logo incorporates the main characteristics of the previous one to underline continuity with the Air Force (past and current), by adding three key principles:

  • Mark that this is an evolution and not a revolution in the mission: conservation of the hawk;
  • Integrate the space dimension: addition of a curve evoking the terrestrial sphere and inscription of the text “& DE L’ESPACE” in a finer font;
  • Evoking martiality: a bird which rears up to neutralise its prey.

The Air and Space Force logotype incorporates an essential element of the Air Force logotype, namely the hawk. Also present on the outfits of the Aviators, it symbolises the traditions of the Air and Space Army, but also surveillance and hunting. The dynamism evoked by its nose-up shows that it is ready to intervene anywhere and at any time.”

Source: French Air Force, 12 Sep 2020


  1. My recommendation: translate “armee de l’air ” by “air force”. Not “air army”, which means nothing (“armee de terre de l’air”)!!!!


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