Belgian Defence helps Tunisia with emergency aid against COVID-19 loaded on Tunisian C-130

© Gert-Jan D’Haene, Belgian Defence

A Tunisian C-130J (tail number TS-MTL / Z21122) left for Tunisia on Thursday, July 22, with equipment to help the country cope with the health crisis. The aid stock collected includes medical equipment for intensive care and personal protective equipment (including gloves and masks) from Belgian Defence reserves. Belgium decided to provide emergency aid after Tunisia requested aid through the European Civil Protection Mechanism in the context of the fight against COVID-19.

Tunisia is currently facing a serious deterioration in its health situation and a sharp increase in the number of hospital admissions. The country has communicated specific needs to European partners to help it cope with this situation, including in the field of vaccines. Vaccination rates in the country remain very low and authorities are trying to speed up the vaccination campaign.

In addition to the Ministry of Defence, the Federal Public Service Public Health also took part by sending doses of vaccines and medicines for intensive care from its reserve. Solidarity, including international solidarity, in the context of such a pandemic, is critical: none of us is completely safe until we are all safe.

Source: BelDefNews (text: Jacques-Emmanuel De Boeck ; picture: Gert-Jan D’Haene)


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