Top Aces of Canada acquires all 25 Belgian Air Force Alpha Jets

@Benoît Denet – Alpha-Jet

Canadian adversary air support provider Top Aces has acquired all 25 former Belgian Air Force Dornier Alpha Jets, according to information from Belgian Press Agency Belga on 8 July.

The Montreal-based company provides advanced airborne training to the world’s leading air forces (Canada, Germany, Australia, United States, United Kingdom). It already operates 20 Alpha Jets formerly owned by the German Air Force, in addition to 7 A-4 Skyhawks, 2 Learjet 35s and 2 IAI Westwinds.

The Belgian Ministry of Defence announced the potential sale of its 25 Alpha Jets in December 2019, together with spare parts, ground equipment, additional engines and a simulator. The Alpha Jet flight simulator located in Beauvechain Air Base was sold to an Austrian aerospace company based in Braunau am Inn, AMST, which specialises in training fighter pilots.

The Alpha Jets, operated by the joint Belgo-French Advanced Jet Training School at Cazaux (France), were officially withdrawn from Belgian service on 11 October 2018. They were stored at Beauvechain Air Base.