The last two Sea King helicopters of Belgian Air Force find new life in England

© Bram Botterman

RS02 and RS04, the last two Westland Sea King Mk-48 helicopters from Koksijde airbase have been saved. An English company, Historic Helicopters, wants to keep them airborne at air shows and acquired them from Belgian Defence.

The other three aircraft are on display in museums in Brussels and Koksijde and in the aviation school in Ostend.

The English company made the highest bid for one helicopter at the end of last year and for the second one in April. Belgian Defense has recently accepted that offer.

This means that all five Belgian Sea Kings are now saved and not sold for parts. Historic Helicopters will now prepare both Sea Kings for their flight to England. By the end of this year, the Sea Kings will move from Koksijde airbase to England. There, they will be further maintained and restored.

The company wants to fly the helicopters, especially on airshows, and who knows, maybe also back in Belgium one day.



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