No helicopters on Belgium’s National Day aerial parade: they are deployed to evacuate vehicles from rubble and rivers

NH-90 evacuating a vehicle in the flooded Liege region © BelDefNews

This Wednesday 21 July (Belgium’s National Day) in the afternoon, two helicopters of the Belgian Air Force took off from the airbase of Beauvechain to evacuate numerous vehicles from under the rubble in the Chaudfontaine region.

The first helicopter (an A109) conducted several reconnaissance missions, while the second (an NH90 TTH) cleared a first vehicle to test the aircraft.

From Thursday 22 July, the NH90 will start to remove the rest of the vehicles stuck in the rivers. There are more than 90 vehicles in the water on the Chaudfontaine-Hamoir axis alone, which cannot be removed by the tow trucks.

July 21, 2021

Source: BelDefNews


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