Last flight of Belgian Air Force Agusta A109 helicopter H22 to its future home at VLOC

© Lieselot Watty, VLOC

This morning, Belgian Defence helicopter Agusta A109 registered H22 left Beauvechain airbase for its last and final flight. After a 2-hour flight over parts of Belgium, the helicopter touched down at Ostend Bruges International Airport around 11:00 LT.

After dismantling the blades and de-fuelling the Agusta, the helicopter was transported by road to nearby VLOC, Vlaams Luchtvaart Opleidingscentrum (Flemish Air Navigation Education Centre).

VLOC regroups some of the pilot- and MRO-education in Flanders’ region. At VLOC, the Agusta will be used as an instructional airframe for future MRO technicians. The utility helicopter will join the iconic all-black Westland Sea King SAR helicopter RS05, which has been donated to VLOC by the Belgian Defence some years ago.

Source: VLOC


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