Belgian Air Force formation flight to thank Belgian healthcare workers



© Ivan Coninx

To thank the healthcare workers for their months of endless efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, Belgian Defence wants to do something special next Thursday, New Year’s Eve.

A formation of five red Marchetti aircraft will fly over numerous hospitals and retirement homes. “We also want to encourage people who feel lonely during this holiday period,” says Belgian Minister of Defence Ludivine Dedonder.

The pilots will be accompanied by healthcare workers of a retirement home in Aarschot, where medical soldiers assisted during the coronavirus crisis.

At 11:00 (UTC +1), the formation will take-off from the military airport of Beauvechain for a two-hour, low-altitude flight above Belgium. Refuelling is not possible, hence the area of West Flanders and Luxembourg will be skipped.

Hereunder are the schedule and the itinerary of the flight:




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