F-16s take over from Alpha-Jets the mission to spread Belgian colours on 21 July


According to news agency Belga’s military sources, trials have been made at Kleine-Brogel to prepare 3 F-16s to spread the Belgian colours in Brussels sky on National Day 21 July 2019.

Alpha-Jets flew for the last time to show the colours last year, but they will be replaced by 3 F-16s as from this summer.

It will be the first time in more than 40 years of duty that the Belgian Air Force will use the F-16 for this kind of mission. The smoke pods on the F-16 are located on the wingtips (as used on FA-101, Dark Falcon, during airshows).

Belgian Defence ministry intends to sell its 25 Alpha-Jets as from December. They have been used since the early 80s and ceased to fly for the Air Component in October 2018.

Trials have been made with F-16s at Kleine-Brogel Air Base (one of the 2 Belgian airbases, together with Florennes, to host F-16s), but the hardest was to get a black smoke, said a specialist of the dossier to Belga.


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