Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 operates repatriation flight from Bamako, Mali


Last night, the Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 registered CS-TRJ operated a repatriation flight (BAF634) from Bamako, Mali to Brussels Airport. Onboard, 97 citizens from 15 nationalities, including 11 South Koreans and also a few American citizens who were stuck in Mali.

The aircraft arrived safely at the military airport of Melsbroek this morning, after which the aircraft and the airport building, as well as the passengers’ baggage, were thoroughly disinfected by decontamination teams.

The flight from Bamako was the seventh repatriation flight operated by the 15th Wing of the Belgian Air Force, after:

  • Wuhan via Istres on 2 February (A321 from Istres to Brussels, after HiFly A380 from Wuhan to Istres),
  • Tenerife South on 22 March (A321),
  • Bamako on 27 March,
  • Kigali and Bujumbura on 4 April (A330),
  • Niger on 8 April, and
  • the Democratic Republic of Congo on 11 April (A330 with medical supplies from Brussels on the outbound trip).





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