The Portuguese flight school “Pull Up Academy” selects the Sonaca 200


On the occasion of the 5th edition of the Portugal Air Summit, which takes place from October 13 to 17, 2021, the Pull Up Academy flight school announced that it has selected the Sonaca 200 to strengthen its fleet of training aircraft.

Pull Up Academy aims to provide the most professional training to student pilots by preparing them for the complex environment that the airline industry has become. The Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro [1], equipped with proven technologies and certified instruments, will allow our students to familiarise themselves with the profession of airline pilot through the use of avionics, the precision of information but also in ‘training on a powerful, robust and “honest” aircraft which has demonstrated its effectiveness in its training mission,” said João Roque, Co-Founder & Manager at Pull Up Academy.

We are pleased to count the Pull Up Academy among the users of the Sonaca 200. This new sale strengthens the international expansion of Sonaca Aircraft and its positioning with pilot training schools,” declared Pierre Van Wetter, Chief Commercial Officer of Sonaca Aircraft.

[1] The Glass Cockpit version “Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro” is equipped with proven technologies and certified instruments (supplied with TSO): the Garmin G500 TXI and the Garmin GI 275 as EFIS Back up Instrument.


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