Sonaca 200 obtains SPHAIR certification from the Swiss Air Force


The Swiss Air Force has certified the Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro for the initial aptitude assessment programme called “SPHAIR”. The objective of the SPHAIR programme is to discover and assess young talents for a career as a pilot in the Swiss Air Force or general aviation.

To obtain SPHAIR certification, the Sonaca 200 has undergone a thorough assessment on the ground and in flight.

The Sonaca 200 flies smoothly and precisely. The aircraft is very stable at all flight attitudes and in all speed ranges. It benefits from very good visibility and comfortable seats. The plane also has a significant endurance of nearly seven hours with two people on board.” SPHAIR.

Thanks to SPHAIR certification, the Sonaca 200 joins the fleet of certified aircraft available for assessing the skills of young Swiss talents with a view to a career in the Air Force or general aviation. This is a great recognition, which reinforces the Sonaca 200 in its mission of screening future pilots and ab initio training. Designed in close collaboration with players in the field (Aero clubs & Flight schools), the Sonaca 200 today meets the expectations of private pilots and training professionals.” Yves Delatte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sonaca Aircraft and CCO of the Sonaca group.

Namur, Belgium, 20 October 2020


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