Rostec Ka-226 helicopter presented at the Dubai Airshow 2021


For the first time, Russian state-owned holding Rostec today presented its most advanced Ka-226 helicopter at the Dubai Airshow 2021. 

The aircraft received the latest avionics from the Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies of Rostec State Corporation. The equipment is designed for autonomous determination of the spatial position and altitude and speed parameters of the aircraft. The Ka-226T avionics equipment includes a whole series of devices developed by UKBP (part of KRET): BPV-7 units for collecting data on helicopter equipment and power plant; IM-14-2N information displays; ISRP-5-3 back-up system; PVD-K4-5 pitots; TSK-5 annunciator.

The new back-up system ISRP-5-3 autonomously determines the helicopter’s roll, pitch and magnetic course, calculates the aircraft’s barometric altitude, instrument and vertical speed, provides pilot-navigation data, information on engine parameters and aircraft coordinates, and also displays emergency, warning and notification information. The Concern’s equipment installed in the upgraded Ka-226T is distinguished for its low weight and compact dimensions. For example, the BPV-7 unit is essentially a full-fledged two-channel onboard control system while having half the size and weight as the previous generation systems. The new back-up system ISRP-5-3 is twice lighter and smaller than its analogues. At the same time all the equipment is highly efficient and accurate.


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