Solvay and Lockheed Martin to organise selection of university projects to boost Belgium’s aerospace industry


Today, Solvay and Lockheed Martin announced their collaboration on a newly-signed agreement for the selection of the most innovative projects in the aerospace sector from Belgian universities.

On July 1 and 2, Solvay and Lockheed Martin, together with seven Belgian aerospace companies (Asco, Coexpair, Feronyl, SABCA, Safran Aeroboosters, Sonaca and Thales Belgium) participated in the selection of projects for the “Innovative Growth University Challenge.” Supported by the Belgian government, this initiative is part of a strategy to reinforce Belgium’s defence, industrial and technological base.

More than 20 projects were presented by seven Belgian universities, recognised for their high-level expertise in advanced materials, to showcase the next generation of composite designs that will advance the aerospace industry in Belgium.

Solvay, Lockheed Martin and the seven other companies intend to make their selection of the final projects by the end of August. The projects relate to five common areas:

  • Next-generation composite materials;
  • Decrease in production costs with out-of-autoclave technologies;
  • Bonding metals and composites;
  • Integration of functions, simplification of assemblies;
  • Repair techniques for composites.

These projects will also include the participation of one or more members from the nine companies involved to help the teams develop high technology products for the aerospace industry.

Last year, Solvay, Lockheed Martin and the seven other companies agreed to an umbrella agreement to develop the University Challenge and its R&D projects related to another agreement between the U.S. and Belgian governments to replace its ageing F-16 aircraft with new generation air combat capability on F-35. The University Challenge projects serve as a unique and cutting-edge opportunity to support specific aerospace research and innovation in Belgium.

Brussels, July 17, 2020


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