SABCA Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) wins maintenance contract for 80 US Air Force F-16s

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The US Air Force once again entrusts SABCA with the maintenance of its 80 F-16s on the European soil. This contract confirms SABCA Charleroi as the centre of expertise for F-16s in Europe and will provide also jobs for the next 10 years.

Since 2001, SABCA has been responsible for the maintenance of the European Air Force’s F-16 fleet. American (USAF). It is partly thanks to the expertise acquired through the maintenance of the Belgian Air Force’s F-16s that she may have been awarded this contract. The Charleroi site is a centre of excellence and a reference on the market.

“This new contract confirms our expertise in heavy maintenance and aircraft modernisation. It is also a vote of confidence and an important token of appreciation for our technicians and engineers.

Thanks to our joint effort, we remain one of the three USAF F-16 maintenance centres in the world”, says Stéphane Burton, CEO of the Blueberry Group and the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul division of Blueberry (MRO) which includes SABCA MRO in Charleroi.

© Benoît Denet

The contract includes scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the F-16s, an aircraft life extension program from 8,000 to 12,000 flight hours and technical assistance for the F-16 “on base” throughout Europe. The duration of the contract is five years and is renewable for another five years.

The contract represents an estimated turnover of around $ 250 million. It represents more than 100 direct jobs in Charleroi and on bases throughout Europe for 10 years.

“SABCA MRO’s activities in Charleroi fit perfectly into Sabena Aerospace’s MRO offer for military and civilian aircraft, which anchors our Belgian group as a solid and reliable MRO partner for governments, air forces, airlines. airlines and aircraft manufacturers around the world “.

By joining forces with those of SABCA and SABENA Aerospace, we are already serving airplanes the most common in Europe such as the C-130, the F-16, the Boeing E3 Awacs and the A400M “, adds Burton.

© Benoît Denet
© Benoît Denet

Brussels, 01 March 2021



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