Denmark’s first F-35s arrive at Skrydstrup Air Base, heralding a new era of Danish Defence


Denmark is the 10th nation to operate the F-35 Lightning II from its home soil

One of the first four F-35 Lightning II take off from the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility en route to Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, Skrydstrup Air Base, Vojens, Denmark.
Credit: Lockheed Martin

Denmark’s first four locally-based F-35A fighter aircraft landed on home soil today at the Royal Danish Air Force’s Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, signalling the dawn of a new era for the nation’s defence capabilities.

As newly appointed Defence Industrial Attaché, it is a privilege to oversee the first aircraft ferry of Denmark’s new F-35 Lightning II,” said His Royal Highness Brig. Gen.  Prince Joachim of Denmark. “The F-35 is a huge step forward in technology. The arrival of the F-35 provides Denmark and the Danish Armed Forces a beacon to transform the armed forces to the 5th Generation. It is a pleasure to note that this unique piece of military hardware also holds Danish industrial components and is testimony to the close ties between the United States and Denmark.

Denmark’s programme of record calls for 27 F-35A aircraft, which will be flown and maintained by the Royal Danish Air Force. Denmark has received 10 aircraft to date, with six of these aircraft remaining at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to support international cooperative F-35 training operations.

With the addition of Skrydstrup Air Base, F-35s are now operating from 31 bases worldwide, safeguarding the skies for allies around the globe. Like the F-16 before it, the F-35 makes the joint force better, securing regional stability, enhancing integrated deterrence and ensuring the sovereignty of allied air space. The vital interoperability of the 5th Generation F-35 binds 17 allies and partners together, significantly increasing NATO’s deterrent capability in a 21st Century Security battlespace.

SKRYDSTRUP AIR BASE, Vojens, Denmark, Sept. 14, 2023


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