The Junkers aircraft factory is back in business to produce a replica of its historic F 13


99 years after the maiden flight of the Junkers F 13, its historic replica has once again been certificated


100 years ago, Hugo Junkers’s fascination with flight, aeronautical science, and the impending possibility of public air transportation inspired his design and series production of the world’s first all-metal aeroplane, the Junkers F 13. The aeroplane proved to be one of the most significant milestones in the history of air travel.

Today, Junkers are pleased to announce two remarkable achievements in the reconstruction of this aircraft type:

Program founder and investor Dieter Morszeck is proud to announce that after the completion of extensive flight testing the plane was certified.

The all-metal construction of the original F 13 was revolutionary. The construction of the replica required us to re-learn long-forgotten construction techniques using corrugated aluminum. Under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (BAZL), engineers and aircraft craftsman were able to gradually bring a piece of aviation history back to life.

Compromises with modern technology were made in as few areas as possible. For example, brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers were added to the landing gear. The search for a reliable powerplant resulted in the installation of a 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 “Wasp Junior” radial engine, which is still in use worldwide. Another challenge was the first flight: No pilots with prior F 13 experience remained, who could have informed us about the F 13’s flying qualities. However, everything went smoothly, and we were even surprised at the benign handling characteristics of the F 13.

Further plans include small-scale production in response to individual market demand, using the experience gained in the construction of the first aeroplane.

DÜBENDORF, Switzerland, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/


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