Gulfstream G500 flight test aircraft arrives at EBACE in Geneva


The all-new Gulfstream G500 made its first voyage to the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) this week. The aircraft will be featured at Gulfstream’s static display alongside the record-setting Gulfstream G280, the stalwart Gulfstream G550 and the unparalleled Gulfstream G650ER with four living areas.

“The G500 flew its maiden voyage before EBACE two years ago, and we have worked methodically since then to expand the test fleet and move the aircraft toward certification later this year,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “The flight-test crew and all Gulfstream employees working on this program are keeping the G500, as well as the Gulfstream G600, on track to enter service with industry-leading safety, performance and comfort.”

The G500 production aircraft is designated specifically for cabin evaluation, including high-speed data performance. Gulfstream used customer feedback to shape and design the aircraft interior, which features new comfort-enhanced seats, forward and aft lavatories and a full-sized galley that can be located forward or aft. Flexibility is woven into the interior with the ability to customize selections, such as an optional steam oven, interchangeable beverage maker and a refrigerator that can be placed above or below the counter. Customizable flooring options, such as stone and wood, can be selected for the entry, galley and lavatories.

The production aircraft recently flew its longest journey to date, flying a cross-country mission that lasted 10 hours and 6 minutes and covered 4,808 nautical miles/8,904 kilometers across the U.S.

The G500 can fly 5,000 nm/9,260 km at Mach 0.85 or 3,800 nm/7,038 km at Mach 0.90 and has a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925 — the same as Gulfstream’s G650 and G650ER. The G500 is on schedule to receive type certification and enter service later this year.

SAVANNAH, Georgia, May 21, 2017


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