Embraer Executive Jets increases Legacy 450 range to 2,900nm

Embraer Executive Jets announced today that it will extend the range of the Legacy 450, its new mid-light business jet, to 2,900 nm (5,371 km). This represents an increase of 325 nm (602 km) over the range of the recently certified aircraft. The extended range will enable nonstop flights from San Francisco to Hawaii, New York to Los Angeles, Riyadh to Cannes or Shanghai to Jakarta. The first Legacy 450 with the additional range is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2016.

The Legacy 450 was designed to be a game-changing mid-light business jet. Now, we have decided to go the extra mile to meet customer needs for transoceanic range in a best-in-class cabin,” said Marco Tulio Pellegrini, President & CEO, Embraer Executive Jets. “The additional range extends the aircraft’s operational envelope without compromising its already certified performance. The Legacy 450 goes beyond expectations.”

To reach the new range, there will be some minor modifications to the wing to allow it to accommodate more fuel. Modifications will also encompass updates to the Fuel Control Unit (FCU), avionics and aircraft flight manuals. The increased range will be retrofittable for the first aircraft serial numbers assembled without this extra fuel tank capacity. For now, the list price of the aircraft remains unchanged at US$ 16.57 million, based on 2015 economic conditions.

Legacy 450 – Principais características de desempenho:

Specifications Prior spec New spec
Range @ LRC(1) 2,575 nm / 4,769 km 2,900nm / 5,371 km
Takeoff distance(2) 3,825 ft / 1.166 m 3,907 ft / 1.191 m
Unfactored landing distance(3) 2,083 ft / 635 m 2,090 ft / 637 m
Maximum operating altitude 45,000 ft / 13.716 m 45,000 ft / 13.716 m
Maximum operating speed (MMO) Mach 0.83 Mach 0.83
Maximum payload(4) 2,976 lb / 1,350 kg 2,921 lb / 1,325 kg
Total baggage & stowage volume 150 ft3 / 4.25 m3 150 ft3 / 4.25 m3
Engine thrust / flat rating 6,540 lbf / ISA + 18 oC 6,540 lbf / ISA + 18 oC

(1)NBAA IFR reserves; 200 nm alternate; 4 pax @ 200 lbs each; baseline aircraft


(3)SL; ISA ; 4 pax @ 200 lbs each; NBAA IFR reserves; 200 nm alternate; baseline aircraft

(4)Baseline aircraft

Las Vegas, NV, November 16, 2015


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