Embraer E195-E2 passes water spray tests


As part of the certification campaign for the E195-E2, Embraer concluded water spray tests. The tests were conducted in July at the company’s Gavião Peixoto facility.

Certification requirements stipulate that an aeroplane’s engines and APU must not ingest hazardous quantities of water or slush during taxi, take-off and landing. There can be no resulting malfunction of any airspeed system.

The tests identified the effects of water spray on engines and other aircraft systems. The E2 passed through a soaked runaway with engines at different speeds.

The E195-E2 passed all the tests. Water that sprayed around the nose and main landing gear did not degrade the performance of the engines, APU, and systems probes that measure speed and altitude during take-off, rejected take-off and landing.E195-E2 certification is expected in 2019.


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