Hungarian Air Force’s maiden flight of Embraer C-390 Millennium successfully completed


The Hungarian Air Force’s first C-390 Millennium, manufactured by Embraer, has successfully completed its maiden flight in Gavião Peixoto, Brazil. The aircraft underwent a thorough four-hour assessment by the Embraer Defense & Security team, initiating a subsequent test campaign before entering service with the Hungarian Air Force.

Hungary is the third country, following Brazil and Portugal, to choose the C-390, with the Hungarian Defense Forces’ aircraft being the world’s first to incorporate an Intensive Care Unit for humanitarian missions.

Embraer President and CEO Bosco da Costa Junior expressed enthusiasm for deepening the partnership with Hungary.

The C-390, known for its multi-mission capability, reliability, and interoperability, has garnered international recognition, with other countries like the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, and South Korea also selecting this advanced military airlift solution. The aircraft, boasting a payload capacity of 26 tonnes, flying at 470 knots, and operating on various terrains, has proven its performance since entering service in 2019 with the Brazilian Air Force and in 2023 with the Portuguese Air Force, accumulating over 11,500 flight hours with high operational availability and mission completion rates.


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