Third COMAC C919 completes maiden flight

Third C919 during maiden flight

C919 AC103 landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport safely at 12:45 on December 28th, 2018, completing its maiden flight successfully and indicating that a total of three C919 aircraft have entered flight test phase.

C919 AC103 flown by Test Pilots Xu Yuanzheng and Zhang Jianwei and carrying Observer Cai Jun and Flight Test Engineers Lai Peijun and Wang Tao took off from the fourth runway of Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 11:07 and soared into the sky after rolling and nosing up. C919 AC103 completed 21 test points during a flight of 1 hour and 38 minutes.

After this flight, C919 AC103 will fly to Yanliang of Xi’an in time to carry out the flight tests such as flutter flight test, airspeed calibration flight test, load flight test, control stability flight test and performance flight test.

At present, two C919 flight test aircraft are carrying out flight test simultaneously in different places such as Yanliang of Xi’an, Dongying of Shandong, and Nanchang of Jiangxi. Another three aircraft are in the process of subassembly and final assembly on schedule, and all the six flight test aircraft are planned to be put into flight test and certification next year.


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