Surrealistic press release by Chinese plane builder COMAC: “Chinese Craftsman” Hu Shuangqian nominated as one of the “Most Beautiful Workers”

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2016-04-28   Source:News Center of COMAC

On the occasion of arrival of Labor Day, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of the Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission of CPC Central Committee, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions published the remarkable deeds of ten “Most Beautiful Workers“. Mr. Hu Shuangqian, “Chinese Craftsman” and Leader of Bench Worker Group in CNC Machining Workshop of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was named as one of the “Most Beautiful Workers“.

The ten advanced models such as Mr. Hu Shuangqian stuck to their lofty professional aspirations, held loyalty and responsibility to their careers, forged ahead, strove for excellence, acquired superb skills, overcame various difficulties, and made extraordinary performance in ordinary posts. They showed the great character of the Chinese working class and interpreted the demand of core socialist values in their own actions, and they had proved themselves to be excellent representatives of front-line technical workers and “Chinese Craftsmen” who had incessantly made improvement and innovation.

During his 30-year working in aviation manufacturing field, Mr. Hu Shuangqian had machined tens of thousands of aircraft parts, but none quality glitch had ever been found. Mr. Hu had won the honorary titles such as National Model Worker, National May 1st Labor Medal, National Dedication Model and Shanghai Quality Gold Prize, and been nominated for 2nd China Quality Award. The fourth episode of CCTV television series “Chinese Craftsmen” is a special report on Mr. Hu.