Construction of the Russian/Chinese long-range CR929 to start in 2021


Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) announces that the construction of the CR929 is expected to start in 2021, while the short- to medium-range C919 will be ready for deliveries in the same year.

CR929-600 model

CR929 (formerly C929) is a long-range wide-body new generation aircraft, a joint programme from Russia and China represented by United Aircraft Corporation and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (СОМАС). It is one of the most advanced projects in the backlog of joint partnership projects of the two countries.

The aircraft will display state-of-the-art technologies of the airspace industry. Ultimate technical solutions will ensure the best performance and allow to offer significant economic benefits, as for the passengers – they will be able to enjoy the increased comfort due to the industrial design of the cabin.

The maiden flight is foreseen in 2023.


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