NetJets®-operated Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft sets two new world speed records

The NetJets Global 6000 aircraft at Aspen Pitkin County Airport in Colorado
The NetJets Global 6000 aircraft at Aspen Pitkin County Airport in Colorado

NetJets Global 6000 aircraft set a new world speed record flying from Aspen, U.S. to London, UK; subsequent record flight occurred as aircraft travelled round trip between London, U.K. and Lugano, Switzerland

New world records showcase business jet’s impressive speed, field performance, and extraordinary steep approach capability

The Global 6000 aircraft is the largest business jet capable of accessing the world’s most challenging airports without compromise

Bombardier Business Aircraft announced today that a Global 6000 aircraft owned and operated by NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company and worldwide leader in private aviation, set a new standard for speed between three of the world’s most challenging airports.

Flying from Aspen, Colorado to London, England and then on to Lugano, Switzerland, the ultra-long-range Global 6000 aircraft set two new city-pair speed records*.

After departing from Aspen Pitkin County Airport in Colorado in challenging terrain, the aircraft arrived at London City Airport in a record eight hours on October 20, 2015*. The aircraft’s engines, optimized for takeoff from high-altitude airfields, pushed it to cruising altitude in just 20 minutes, flying 4,168 NM (7,719 km) at an impressive maximum cruise speed of M 0.89, among the fastest of any business aircraft**.

The Global 6000 aircraft is a cut above all other business jets in its class with the capability to conveniently fly in and out of difficult to access airports, such as Aspen and London City. Indeed, London City’s central location means that a very steep approach angle due to stringent noise abatement requirements, combined with a short runway, allows access to only the most technologically advanced aircraft such as the Global 6000 and Global 5000 aircraft.

The NetJets crew set a second speed record on October 21, 2015, as the aircraft flew a round trip between London City Airport and Lugano Airport in the Swiss Alps*. The 962-NM (1,782-km) journey was completed in 2 hours and 43 minutes of flying time at a maximum cruise speed of M 0.89*. Lugano Airport also features an extremely steep approach with an angle of descent that is more than double the industry standard and a short runway of only 4,700 feet (1,432 meters).

The Global 6000 aircraft is an all-round impressive flying machine, and these achievements, in particular, showcase its extraordinary power and versatility,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “These record flights demonstrate just why the Global 6000 aircraft is a leader in its class.”

We don’t believe that our customers should have to compromise comfort for access or performance. The Global 6000 aircraft better enables us to offer them the ultimate in performance and luxury, taking them where they need to go in the most efficient and comfortable manner,” said Patrick Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, NetJets. “These new world speed records further set the NetJets fleet apart from the rest.”

On March 1, 2011, NetJets placed a firm order for 50 Global business jets with options for an additional 70 Global aircraft.

November 9, 2015 Montréal Business Aircraft,  Bombardier Inc.,  Press Release


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