Freeze Frame: Bombardier C Series closes in on certification

Bombardier confirmed today that the certification configuration of the C Series aircraft was declared “frozen” this week as the program advanced into the final stretch of the certification process.“This week, we congratulated our teams on reaching a critical step – freezing the final certification design configuration.  This certification design will be the basis for compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements that will be part of the Type Design,” said Robert Dewar, Vice President, C Series Aircraft Program. “In addition to completing over 88 % of the CS100 aircraft’s flight certification tests, the applicable certification reports are being finalized by our teams and are progressing at a steady pace to ensure alignment between Bombardier, its suppliers and the airworthiness authorities.”

Transport Canada is the governing authority that will provide the initial certification of the CS100 which will detail all C Series aircraft software, hardware and customer options. Bombardier is on track to obtain the C Series aircraft’s certification by end of year 2015, followed by the CS100 aircraft’s entry-into-service in the first half of 2016 with first operator SWISS.



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