Bombardier’s contributions to civil aviation climate actions recognized

  • Contributions to reduction in overall aircraft emissions cited in Aviation Climate Solutions report
  • Three Bombardier initiatives recognized

Bombardier is proud to be showcased in Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)’s Aviation Climate Solutions report, which was published on September 29 at the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. The report is a collection of climate action projects taking place throughout the civil aviation industry worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions.

Of the 100 examples of climate actions cited in the report, three Bombardier initiatives related to its Q400 turboprop, C Series airliner and Challenger 350 business jet are featured:

  • Q400 aircraft fuel efficiency manual: guide for airlines to maximize their operational and performance techniques, enabling them to generate significant fuel savings across all mission profiles and phases of flight;
  • C Series family of aircraft: designed and purpose-built with efficiency in mind. The aircraft offer a 20% fuel burn advantage that translates directly into 20% CO2 emissions advantage, exceptional operational flexibility, wide body comfort and an unmatched environmental and noise footprint;
  • Challenger 350 business jet: compared to the previous Challenger 300 model, improvements in design and technology equate to approximately 10 tons of CO2 saved per year over the lifetime of the aircraft.

Bombardier actively supports and contributes to the aviation industry’s climate change goals. We embed sustainability considerations at every stage by applying our product innovation lifecycle process – from design and manufacturing to end-of-life – as demonstrated by the three Bombardier examples in ATAG’s report,” said François Caza, Vice President, Bombardier Product Development and Chief Engineer, Aerospace.

Aviation plays a vital role in the global economy, providing connectivity for people and business. Our industry has also taken a lead in climate action, putting in place a comprehensive framework and goals to reduce emissions from air transport. The Aviation Climate Solutions are a set of case studies showing how different parts of the industry all over the world, including Bombardier, are working together to reduce our climate impact,” observed Michael Gill, Executive Director, ATAG.

About Aviation Climate Solutions

Aviation Climate Solutions was released alongside an open letter from industry chief executives which reaffirms the industry’s commitment to climate action; and calls on governments to support the development of a global market-based measure for aviation emissions, improved efficiency in air traffic management, and accelerating research for alternative fuels and new technology.

September 30, 2015 Montréal Bombardier Inc.,  Press Release


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