Boeing registered 73 gross orders (20 net) and delivered 17 aircraft in May 2021


In May 2021, Boeing delivered 10 B737 MAX (compared to 4 a month earlier) and two B787s, and 17 aircraft total during the month (including one B747-8F to UPS and two 767s and one 777 to FedEx), bringing the delivery total for the first five months of2021 to 111 aircraft

Boeing also booked 73 gross orders, including six B777Fs to unnamed buyers. The majority of the orders went for the B737 MAX (61, including 34 for Southwest Airlines). Lufthansa ordered 5 B787-9s and one B777F.

Net of cancellations and conversions, Boeing booked 20 aircraft orders. Norwegian and Aeromexico cancelled 48 737 MAX orders in May.


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