U.S. military Osprey crashes in Sea of Japan: eight fatalities


A U.S. military Boeing/Bell Osprey aircraft carrying eight individuals crashed into the sea near Yakushima, Japan, nobody survived the fatal crash. The incident occurred off the coast of Kyushu’s southern main island.

The Coast Guard initiated a rescue operation and recovered one unconscious crew member, but he was later pronounced dead. Search efforts revealed debris and an overturned life raft, though no individuals were found in the raft.

The aircraft, part of routine training, encountered a mishap during a training mission. While termed an “emergency water landing” by Japanese officials, the incident reflects the unique aircraft’s tiltrotor design, capable of taking off like a helicopter and flying as an aeroplane.

The CV-22B Osprey has witnessed previous fatal accidents, emphasising its use in special operations for long-range missions by the U.S. Air Force.

Update 7 December: not all bodies have been recovered yet.



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