Boeing 737 MAX Automatic Stall-Prevention System (MCAS) not in flight crew operations manual (FCOM)


An Automatic Stall-Prevention System (MCAS) is not included in the Boeing 737MAX flight crew operations manual (FCOM)

Boeing issued a multi-operator message (MOM) explaining the MAX’s manoeuvring characteristics augmentation system (MCAS) “commands nose-down stabilizer” in certain flight profiles using “input data and other airplane systems.” MCAS is operated by the flight control computer and “activated without pilot input and only operates in manual, flaps-up flight,” and MCAS is not part of previous 737 designs.

The Allied Pilots Association (APA) told American Airlines (AA) pilots in a message on its website.
“It is not in the AA 737 Flight Manual Part 2, nor is there a description in the Boeing FCOM. It will be soon.”

A multi-page document issued by the airline’s flight operations department that highlights the differences between the MAX and 737 NG does not mention MCAS or any other changes to the auto-trim system.

A multi-operator message (MOM) from Boeing on Nov. 6 cautioned that “an erroneous AOA” can trigger automatic nose-down pitch-trim.


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