Bill Boeing Jr., son of the founder of the company, dies at the age of 92


William Boeing Jr., son of Boeing Co. founder William E. Boeing, died Thursday morning at the age of 92. He was at home in Seattle, surrounded by family.

Boeing Chairman and CEO McNerney Statement on William E. Boeing, Jr.

Boeing Chairman and CEO Jim McNerney released the following statement today:

bill_boeing_jrWe are deeply saddened by the passing of Bill Boeing, Jr.

“Bill’s impact on the social and economic development of the Puget Sound has greatly benefited generations in the community.

“We are especially grateful for his efforts to preserve our largest home community’s history of aerospace innovation by helping secure and renew the legendary Red Barn, our first factory, a special place that he visited as a boy. Then, as a leading light in the creation and expansion of the Museum of Flight, he helped showcase our heritage and inspire generations to join in and further advance the science and business of aerospace.

“As a successful businessman and a model for citizenship, Bill positively shaped the region around Seattle, not least through his family support for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and all the while sharing his passion for education and history wherever he could.

“Bill continued his family’s great heritage with grace, energy and goodwill. As we cherish his memory, we will also continue to see his works through the institutions he left us and the people who were helped and inspired by his leadership.”


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