AkzoNobel’s second-generation chromate-free exterior primer qualified by Boeing


A chromate-free exterior primer developed by AkzoNobel’s Aerospace Coatings business has been newly qualified by aircraft manufacturer Boeing – underlining AkzoNobel’s ongoing drive to make the industry more sustainable.  

Aerodur 2111, based on AkzoNobel’s patent-protected lithium leaching inhibitor technology, was qualified under Boeing specification BMS 10-72 Type X, receiving its status on the Boeing’s Qualified Product List in June 2019. The product – which is used in combination with AkzoNobel’s qualified and market-leading basecoat/clearcoat system – creates the most sustainable exterior coating system for Boeing aircraft, potentially doubling the life of the paint job. Aerodur 2111’s unique inhibitor composition out-performs first-generation chrome-free primers, particularly in humid, salty environments.

One of the many benefits of Aerodur 2111 is that it can be removed with non-acid based paint strippers, whereas the first-generation products require hazardous acid-activated paint removers.

This is another great example of putting the needs of the customer at the heart of our product development,” explains Ron Fattal, AkzoNobel’s Key Account Manager for Boeing. “It’s a compelling combination of sustainable innovation and customer focus which highlights our commitment to going beyond expectations.”

Adds John Griffin, the company’s Managing Director for Aerospace Coatings: “Aerodur 2111 perfectly illustrates how we’re continually looking to develop innovative technologies that go beyond what has been done before. In this particular case, we are especially proud to offer another fully qualified chromate-free exterior primer.”

August 2, 2019


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