Bahrain launches world’s largest eco-friendly underwater theme park, a Boeing 747 as its centrepiece


Early 2019, Bahrain announced the launch of the world’s largest underwater theme park. The operation to sink a Boeing 747 is currently underway. 

The huge aircraft will be the centerpiece of an area of over 100,000 sq metres, which at a depth of 20 meters will also include a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs, and sculptures made from eco-friendly materials.

According to, the area will provide a safe haven for coral reef growth and a habitat for marine life.

This 747 is not the first submerged aircraft, also in Jordan and Turkey you are able to spot them under water. In Aqaba, Jordan a second aircraft will be lowered in the next month.


We are proud to launch this unique eco-friendly project in partnership with local diving companies, the Supreme Council for Environment and the private sector,” the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and chairman of BTEA board,  Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, said.

The new theme park will undoubtedly emerge as a global tourist attraction. The world-class project covers an extensive area, and will provide an unforgettable experience for both tourists and diving enthusiasts alike. This initiative also aims to revive the Kingdom’s marine ecosystem and to preserve the local marine environment by incorporating international environmental standards. It will also position Bahrain as a global leader in the field of eco-tourism and marine wildlife preservation as well as further developing the tourism sector as a main contributor to the national economy and an important source of the diversification of the national income.

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