A Russian customer sues Boeing to cancel order for 35 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft


A subsidiary of the Russian conglomerate Rostec sued Boeing to request the cancellation of an order for thirty-five 737 MAX aircraft, a model which is currently grounded after two fatal accidents (Lion Air JT610 and Ethiopian Airlines ET302) that claimed 346 lives.

According to the Financial Times, Avia Capital Services (ACS), an aircraft leasing subsidiary of Rostec, filed a complaint with a Chicago court to request the cancellation of the order stating that Boeing “intentionally” failed to provide information on the reliability of the aircraft. This would be the first lawsuit against the American manufacturer since the crisis of the MAX.

ACS accuses Boeing of “negligent” design of a “failed” aircraft and “retention of critical information” during the aircraft certification process, the Financial Times says.

The Russian group is demanding a compensation of 115 million dollars, as well as “several times this amount” in punitive damages.


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