Thousands of jobs at stake at Airbus after rate reductions of A380 and A400M


Due to the previously announced rate reductions on the Airbus A380 and the Airbus A400M programmes, according to French weekly business magazine Challenges, Airbus wants to cut or to move around 3,600 employees. Airbus wouldn’t confirm the exact number but senior management representatives of Airbus will meet with the European Works Council next Wednesday (7 March) to explain the situation and the discuss associated implications for the workforce.

We have a policy of first addressing workforce issues with its social partners before any public disclosure. Our company will continue to abide by this policy,” the European manufacturer announced in a press release.

We deeply regret that the process on the current subject matter has been disturbed by leaks to the media, which resulted in excessive reporting about alleged job cuts in our four home countries,” Airbus added. “We are committed to managing any social implications in a responsible manner and we have demonstrated its ability to find the best possible solutions for its workforce on various occasions in the past.

Further information and details will be provided after the European Works Council meeting on 7 March 2018.


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