First Airbus A321LR transatlantic flight is short-lived because of administrative detail


Today the newly-built Airbus A321LR(neo), the aircraft which should revolutionise transatlantic crossings, was due to leave Paris CDG airport with destination New York JFK on flight AIB321.

The aeroplane with registration D-AVZO did not fly very far. Shortly after take-off at 13:07, it was told that a crew member remembered he had forgotten to fill in the ESTA form for entry into the U.S.

The plane immediately turned back and landed in Paris Le Bourget (LBG) at 13:28.


When the small administrative problem was solved (the devil is in the details), the aircraft took off again from Le Bourget at around 15:00 and landed in New York JFK some eight hours later.

Airbus later announced that claims that the pilot on flight AIB321 forgot the ESTA form are “totally fake”. The short hop from CDG to LBG was due to honouring the Spirit of St Louis flight.



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