Airbus deplores U.S. decision to increase tariffs on aircraft imported from the EU


Airbus deeply regrets the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) decision to increase tariffs on aircraft imported from the EU as well as the decision to maintain tariffs on goods from other sectors.

  • USTR’s decision to impose tariffs further escalates trade tensions between the US and the EU, thereby creating more instability for US airlines that are already suffering from a shortage of aircraft.
  • USTR’s decision ignores the many submissions made by US airlines, highlighting the fact that they – and the US flying public – will ultimately have to pay these tariffs.
  • Airbus will continue its discussions with its US customers and work with them to mitigate effects of tariffs insofar as possible.
  • Airbus has and will continue to push for a negotiated settlement to this 15-year-long dispute. USTR’s further escalation complicates efforts to find a negotiated outcome to this dispute. This is regrettable.
  • Airbus hopes that USTR’s position will change, especially when the WTO will authorize the EU to impose tariffs on Boeing aircraft, including the 737Max, 787 and 777 aircraft in the May/June timeframe.


  1. Pure protectionism.
    By the end Airbus is gonna pay for Boeing losses … a shame to them!

  2. No we pay for the losses as always. We always pay, not the politicians who were voted in. It’s beyond logical but as long as we vote these folks in, it’s sad to see we end up paying as tax payers and consumers. I hope enough is going to be enough soon enough.

  3. I get the feeling the 737 max is going to get a tough time in Europe being re certified after this news… Will be seeing that in the skies maybe 2022? Paperwork can be terribly slow sometimes…. In the mean time Boeing get billions via a nasa partnership studying next gen aircraft which is basically a thinly disguised government grant.


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