Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015: Airbus to offer an Economy Class ‘SFE’ seat option for the first time on the A320 Family, in partnership with Recaro


Airbus and Recaro Aircraft Seating plan to offer for the first time a “supplier-furnished-equipment” (SFE) Economy Class seat option for A320 Family operators. The proposed new seat, named “3530Swift”, is based on Recaro’s “BL3530” already developed for the A320 Family.

Showcased at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the 3530Swift is planned to become available later this year, both in line-fit and retrofit. Up to now, all economy-class seats for the A320 Family are supplied as “buyer-furnished-equipment” (BFE). Being SFE, rather than BFE, the new seat would be available in predefined, pre-qualified and pre-certified Airbus layouts and catalogue configurations which would save considerable time normally required for individual product approval. The new SFE option would sit alongside the existing Airbus BFE product offering and the A320 Family’s BFE catalogue will continue to be updated.

We are looking forward to being the first seat supplier to deliver SFE seats to Airbus for A320 Family customers,” says Dr Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder of Recaro Aircraft Seating. “The Airbus decision to work with us to integrate our BL3530 as the basis for the new 3530Swift confirms our product strategy focusing on passenger comfort, lightweight design and efficiency. Our consistent performance in terms of process stability, product quality and reliable delivery also played a key role in the decision.

Airbus is very pleased to enter into this partnership with Recaro Aircraft Seating – and we are already working with them to bring our A320 Family customers an SFE economy seat option for the first time,” says Heino Ostermeier, Airbus’ Senior Vice President of Cabin Procurement. He adds: “We are confident that Recaro’s 3530Swift will be the right solution to meet the requirements which our customers expect, especially in terms of short lead times, an efficient selection of customization options, reliable scheduling and on-time delivery.”

Once it is fully available to order for the A320 Family, airlines would be able to customise the 3530Swift with various catalogue options which include leather dress covers, comfort cushions, more stowage space and a six-way adjustable headrest. Customers would also be able to select a tablet PC holder and tablet PC stowage, as well as a power socket for USB and PC. Moreover, the seat would take full advantage of A320’s wide cabin to offer a comfortable 18-inch width between armrests, while its excellent pitch efficiency will also enable airlines to install more rows in an aircraft whilst maintaining leg room.

14 April 2015 Press Release


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