Airbus to unveil new version of A380 at Paris Air Show


The slow sales of its flagship aircraft have compelled Airbus to go back to the drawing board. The results are just appearing: the new aircraft has landed in Le Bourget, with stickers to hide the most important novelties.

The new aircraft will be called A380plus. On the outside, the most notable difference will be some kind of split Scimitar winglets, giving the plane improved aerodynamics.

Airbus has already unveiled some preliminary date:

  • The aircraft will burn up to 4% less fuel
  • The new A380 will have a capacity with up to 80 more seats. Not sure this result could be obtained without going to a 3-5-3 seating in economy.
  • Those two factors combined will provide a 13% cost reduction per seat.

Airbus also claims to have optimised the maintenance process, providing additional savings.

We shall thus anxiously wait for the official presentation, probably on 19 June at the Paris Air Show.


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