[Update] Swissport baggage handlers at Brussels Airport have resumed work

The Swissport baggage handlers did not resume work this morning. Consequently, baggage handling for the airlines that are handled by Swissport is currently disrupted.Not all arriving baggage is delivered and some of the baggage of departing passengers may not be loaded on board and will be delayed.
Update at 09:00 am: the Swissport baggage handlers have resumed work. However, delays and cancellations remain possible throughout the day.

Negotiations are ongoing.

Flights that are handled by Aviapartner are not impacted.
Advice to the passengers

  • Check whether your flight is handled by Swissport or Aviapartner. If your flight is handled by Aviapartner you do not have to take any special precautions.
  • Passengers who depart to or from Brussels Airport on a flight handled by Swissport are advised to travel with carry-on baggage only. If this is not possible, they had best carry the most essential items and a few days of clothes in their hand baggage.
    However, the size limits for carry-on baggage imposed by the airline, as well as the liquids, aerosols & gels restrictions and the rules regarding prohibited items have to be observed. More information is available here.

What to do when your baggage is missing?

Arriving passengers who could not retrieve their baggage on their arrival at Brussels Airport are requested to file a missing bag report at the Swissport baggage desk in the baggage reclaim hall or online. More information

Departing passengers whose baggage is missing at their destination, are requested to contact the local Lost & Found service to file a claim. Contact your airline for further information.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will keep you informed of any developments.


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