Swissport Belgium and the trade unions are committed to a better social climate


ACV/CSC-Transcom, ACLVB/CGSLB, BTB-ABVV/UBT-FGTB and the management of Swissport Belgium note that there have been regular social conflicts in Swissport in recent years. Both the employer and the unions recognize that these social conflicts have given a negative image of the company. The social partners and the management want to work on this for everyone’s benefit.

In order to reverse this negative situation, a thorough analysis of the causes of these social conflicts is necessary. Everyone is also convinced of the need and urgency to work together in an active and constructive manner and to develop common solutions that are being implemented by both parties.

The management and unions are therefore launching a process to develop concrete measures to improve the social climate, which should benefit the long-term sustainability of the company, both in terms of bearable work, the combination of work and family life, and the economic context.

Trade unions and management will first analyse the various causes and origins of social conflicts. Thereafter, an action plan will be drawn up in order to reach common solutions to implement them later. The goal is to complete the plan by 1 March 2018 at the latest.

It is in everyone’s interests to make an urgent effort to achieve this better social climate, eliminating the inconveniences that can be imposed on the staff and also take into account the economic context within which the company must function. It should become a win-win situation for all the people involved: the employees, the company, the airport, the airlines and the passengers.

Trade unions and management emphasise that they are taking a historic step together today. This is also a particularly important signal for all stakeholders within the airport community. In this constructive and open atmosphere, the management and the unions have confidence in the future.


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