Brussels Airport ground handler Swissport Belgium files for bankruptcy – nearly 1,500 jobs at stake


This morning, the management of Swissport Belgium (Swissport Belgium SA/NV and Swissport Belgium Cleaning SA/NV) filed for bankruptcy, the ground handler said in a statement. Next to Aviapartner, it is one of the two companies handling nearly all ground activities at Brussels Airport. Note that Swissport Cargo Services Belgium, a separate entity, has not been affected by the bankruptcy and will continue its activities at the airports of Brussels and Liege.

This decision will possibly have an impact on the 1,309 employees of Swissport Belgium NV and the 160 employees of Swissport Belgium Cleaning NV. In total, 1,469 jobs are involved.

We have assessed the situation from an operational and financial point of view and considered all scenarios in order to examine whether ensuring a sustainable future for ground handling and cleaning services was possible,” said Thierry Miremont, CEO of Swissport in Belgium. “Unfortunately, we could not meet our financial obligations in this particularly difficult period for the aviation industry. We regret the impact this bankruptcy has on our employees, customers and the Belgian aviation community.”

The financial situation of Swissport Belgium became particularly difficult after its main customer Brussels Airlines stopped flying on 21 March. The handler indeed carries out all the ground services for the passenger flights of the airline and only a few activities related to freight keep the company busy.

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