Wildcat strike of Aviapartner baggage handlers at Brussels Airport – Return to normal on Saturday


Aviapartner employees have “spontaneously” stopped working at Brussels Airport on 26 November, causing disruptions in baggage handling. Brussels Airport informed passengers that if their flight is handled by Aviapartner to contact their airline if their luggage is gone missing. The airport expects the work stoppage to last at least till noon.

It’s not the first time that employees of a ground handler at Brussels Airport stop working, last time Swissport baggage handlers went on strike.

Kurt Callaerts (ACV/CSC Transcom) explains: “Enough is enough, the employees at Aviapartner are sick of all the excesses and abuses.

Currently, no flights have been cancelled or delayed yet some flights have taken off without luggage, Aviapartner handles about 40% of the flights at Brussels Airport. The most important customers are British Airways, TUI Fly Belgium and Ryanair.

*UPDATE* Brussels Airport expects the work stoppage at Aviapartner to last at least until 2 pm today. Up until now, the action has had limited impact on baggage handling.

*UPDATE* The Aviapartner baggage handling strike is expected to last at least until 6 pm today. Baggage handling on all flights handled by Aviapartner is disrupted.

*UPDATE* Strike baggage handler Aviapartner: we expect this action to continue at least until 11 pm today. Baggage handling is disrupted and flights are delayed. Check whether your flight is handled by Aviapartner and if so: travel with carry-on baggage only.

*UPDATE* Aviapartner strike: an agreement has been reached. Return to normal handling activity as from tomorrow Saturday. Passengers affected by today’s strike are requested NOT to come to the airport to recover their luggage, but to wait for their airline to contact them.



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