Ryanair ends Swissport contract at Brussels Airport


This week Ryanair has informed Swissport that it will not renew its three-year contract for ground handling operations.

The Ryanair-Swissport contract expires on February 28th. Ryanair confirmed to luchtzak.be this evening that from the 1st of March ground handling agent Aviapartner will perform the necessary check-in, baggage loading and other handling.

As Ryanair operates around 27 daily flights (based on today’s flight schedule), this obviously has an impact on the Swissport workforce; therefore Swissport held a special works council (ondernemingsraad/conseil d’entreprise) with the unions this morning.

Most likely there will be a transfer of ground staff from Swissport to Aviapartner, possible under a special collective employment agreement (CAO). Only a few months ago Swissport Cleaning workforce could continue working under the same working conditions, but at Mobility Masters.

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