Aviapartner resumes work at Brussels Airport after agreement between unions and management – still 100 flights cancelled


White smoke at Aviapartner! Last night, an agreement has been reached between management and the unions representing the employees. On Thursday, six days ago, the Aviapartner employees started a wildcat strike after a long period of frustration and discomfort among them, mainly caused by understaffing and the use of outdated equipment. The handling agent will now resume operations at Brussels Airport at 12:00 (UTC +1), not yet at full force as the airlines that are handled by Aviapartner today cancelled around 100 flights. 

Yesterday (30 October), the Aviapartner management gradually became convinced of the determination of its employees: many employees from other aviation companies joined their Aviapartner colleagues in the terminal of Brussels Airport as “an act of solidarity“. The negotiations, however, really accelerated when Aviapartner CEO Clive Hopkins interrupted his holiday and joined the meeting.

The most important items of the agreement were shared on social media:

  • 17 temporary contracts will get an improved contract
  • 30 employees working ‘ad interim’ will receive a fixed contract
  • an investment of €3,000,000 in new and better equipment
  • loading of some aircraft will be performed by five luggage handlers instead of four

1,500 luggages are still at the airport, Brussels Airport will contact the rightful owners when they will be able to retrieve them.

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