Aviapartner Ostend to ask special creditor protection for the next three months


Handling agent Aviapartner Ostend will ask special creditor protection, trade unionist Birger Victor told Belgian Focus – WTV. “The total loss of Aviapartner’s Ostend branch has been risen to €1.6 million,” Victor said, “For quite a while, we face staff shortages and the workload has become heavier, with strikes and work interruptions as a result. Early 2018, Aviapartner Ostend hired three permanent and four temporary employees.

Around 40 people are working for Aviapartner Ostend, where a special employee meeting was held this morning. Aviapartner will ask the judge three months of “time-out” to prepare a recovery plan, but the future of the handling agent remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, the Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport is still going on.

Aviapartner strike at Brussels Airport continues on Friday; workers not to resume before Saturday 06:00 am


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