Aviapartner baggage handlers on wildcat strike at Amsterdam Schiphol


Employees of ground handler Aviapartner have spontaneously stopped working this morning at Schiphol Amsterdam airport.

According to a union representative at FNV Luchtvaart there has been a “serious issue of understaffing and a high workload“.

One of the colleagues returned home sick this morning, the rest of them spontaneously stopped working“, Asmae Hajjari (FNV Luchtvaart) told website NH Nieuws. “Baggage loaders demand a solution for the high workload.

The company has been struggling with high absenteeism for a long time. Employees demand an end to the understaffing and want better equipment to handle aircraft.

Not only Aviapartner has dissatisfied staff, recently Swissport had several work interruptions at Schiphol due to understaffing, unpredictable and unworkable schedules.

The same issues are also appearing at Brussels Airport where both ground handlers Aviapartner and Swissport recently have had work interruptions.


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